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The staff at Ambiance Interiors were recently given a tour of the DaVinci Marble showroom in San Carlos, and what an indulgent treat it was!  The trends in tile are redefining how we approach bathroom and kitchen designs.

Some of the most exciting trends we noticed are:

Natural stone is still as popular as ever!  Honed, polished, tumbled, chiseled, split-face, grooved brushed & leathered slabs and tiles are amongst the choices.  Naturally variegated, and durable, we can capture any look or mood with the choices now available.

Island Stone Natural Stone tile

Island Stone International


Relatively new to the residential market are semi-precious stone slabs that are begging to be backlit and shown off.  Semi-precious stones (lapis, tiger eye, onyx, agate) are softer than their more traditional stone counterparts, but offer a luminescent and luxurious look.  While it may not be the material of choice for a high-use kitchen countertop, it may be perfect for a backsplash, fireplace surround, a powder bath counter top, or a stunning piece of furniture! Ultra-swanky, and very sexy, these stones add an edginess not formerly associated with stone slabs.  While semi-precious slabs remain on the higher end of pricing, a single slab can generate a lot of bang for the buck!

davinci semi-precious stone

The Antolini Collection at Da Vinci Marble


Stone slabs now come in laser cut finishes that offer a decidedly more exotic look to the standard “Absolute Black” granite.

Natural Tile

The Natura Collection at Da Vinci Marble


During the 1970’s, 4”x4” tile was the norm.  Today’s large format tiles 12×24, 24×24, 15×36, etc. have become increasingly common and popular.  Large scale tiles offer a cleaner, sleeker, look and is a wonderful option for those who hate grout.

Chic bathroom tile

Da Vinci Marble


Laser cutting glass and stone have opened the doors to infinite design possibilities.  I love mixing old world and timeless materials like stone, with new-age and sleek materials like glass.  Often, all that’s needed is an unexpected backsplash to freshen up a conventional bathroom or kitchen.

Nadeau laser cut glass tile

The Nadeau Collection


What was once only considered for the interiors is perfectly acceptable for most exterior use.  Glass, ceramics, stone slabs perform beautifully in the elements.  It is such an easy way to bring the indoors out, and vice versa!

Outdoor Tile

Da Vinci Marble

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